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add products to cart without loading page again

add products to cart without loading page again

I am looking for a way that can help customers to add product to cart right in a page. It means that the page does not load again or redirect to another page. I need one solution to make purchasing easier and more convenient for customers. 


I am using Magento 2 now


Re: add products to cart without loading page again

Hi @Robin84


You are looking for an extension that uses Ajax to add the product to the cart without reloading the page.

I recommend this extension for you:


Best regards.


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Re: add products to cart without loading page again

Robin, you should use AjaxCart Extension to get your job done.  You can find it on Magento Marketpress at

Re: add products to cart without loading page again

Hello. I recommend that you should try Ajax Add to Cart for Magento 2 extension.

Ajax add to cart M2_add configurable product to cart.png

It allows customers to select product options in popup so when adding product with lots of options like configurable, bundle and grouped product, customers can stay on current page to choose options and finish adding to cart. This will be the perfect fit for your requirement.

Please contact us directly if you need further assistance.

Re: add products to cart without loading page again

Hi @Robin84, not only adding one products to cart, with the new Add Multiple Products To Cart for Magento 2, you can add many products to cart without loading the product page.


The module supports:

  • Add multiple products to cart with one click by checkbox and quantity box to select products and "Add all to cart" button
  • Display a popup to select product options
  • Show a popup to notify customer about successfully adding products to cart
  • Select specific customer groups for adding multiple products to cart at the same time
  • Work for simple, configurable, bundle products and simple products with custom options

Check out HERE for more support from our experienced team

Re: add products to cart without loading page again

Hi @emmanguyen I tried the extension for my Magento 2 store and it was perfect. The user guide is very detailed, too. Thumb up for you guys

Re: add products to cart without loading page again

@BSS Commerce 

Just in time I am looking for ajax based add to cart extension. Your module seems to cover basic features to add products to cart in popup, but can it show related products block in popup when customer add to cart successfully? Except for that, the extension is good to make shopping experience quick and easy for user. Good extension with cheap price!

Re: add products to cart without loading page again

@Sophia Walford Thank you for your interest in our extension. It has recently been updated with the new function that allows to include suggested product block in the confirmation popup. Admin can clarify which products to be included in this block: related, up-sell or cross-sell products, customize the title og block and decide the number of products displayed. See it yourself here. 

ajax_add_to_cart_add_configurable_product_related_blockShow related/up-sell/cross-sell products in confirmation popup

Re: add products to cart without loading page again

Have a look at Catalog Ajax Scroll for Magento 2 by Magesolution. Catalog Ajax Scroll extension helps to load the next pages of the catalog pages automatically. As soon users scroll to the last row of the current product list, the next page is loaded simultaneously with powerful AJAX. The extension is totally useful for both shop owner and customers shopping on the site.

Particularly, this extension increases usability for your visitors by removing an extra click. The client is able to see more goods in less time without the need of searching for the 'next page' link/ button and looking around the page. It will bring about a wonderful shopping experience for all clients.

More details:




Re: add products to cart without loading page again

Hi @Robin84,

You may check the Easy Cart extension from Mageside.

With this extension, your customers will be able to shop on the product page or the category page without having to reload or view any other page. No page refreshes, no added steps.

When in category view, Easy Cart allows your customer to add a product to their cart without going to the product page. They can configure all product options like color and size, and they can choose how many they would like to add without having to click on any other page.


Also, you can check Frontend and Backend DEMO to see how it works.

Hope you'll find this useful!