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basic reviews extension (alternative to yotpo)

basic reviews extension (alternative to yotpo)

I've been in support hell with YotPo and have been unable to get any resolution to the issue I'm having with them. So I'm now considering a different extension for reviews on my site...not really a big deal since I only have a few reviews there. 


Is there a good, basic free alternative to YotPo for reviews?




Re: basic reviews extension (alternative to yotpo)

There are a variety of options.


First, Magento has a native feature set to manage reviews:


What Magento doesn't do as well, is follow up with shoppers to get them to leave reviews, or use those reviews in more advanced ways, such as to have them highlighted in search engine results.


YotPo does have a variety of strong SaaS competitors that charge monthly fees, such as ShopperApproved and Trustpilot. You could certainly look at one of these, but if you're not expecting to get a lot of reviews, but want more than the native Magento reviews feature set, there are extensions that are worth considering. Here are a couple:


There are also extensions that are more focused on specific deliverables, like soliciting Google Customer Reviews, as opposed to reviews of individual products:


Best of luck!

Re: basic reviews extension (alternative to yotpo)

Thanks Robert. I thought that YotPo was what Magento uses for reviews. Didn't know there was something in Magento itself. 

Re: basic reviews extension (alternative to yotpo)

YotPo is an independent company. Their solution has been integrated into Magento's core as part of a commercial deal that Magento made (much like how a shipping solution like UPS or FedEx is included). However, Magento still has its own native reviews feature set. I'm glad to hear that I was able to help!