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downloads on cms pages

downloads on cms pages

I want to find an extension thatll allow me to add files like pdf .doc .xls etc to cms pages so that customers can download the files.


thanks in advance


Re: downloads on cms pages

There is and extension called Product File Attachments, you should check it out, I think it might be what you are looking for

It has a lot of useful features, you can upload multiple files at once, make files downloadable by registered users only and even set custom icons to your attachments.

Re: downloads on cms pages



We have an extension called Useful Downloads that does what you need


The advantages:

- Create a title per Store View

- Set priority of downloadable materials

- There is a way to place the downloadable materials to any part of the product page (see the extension's User Manual)

- You can link to a document or to a URL

- PDF is supported among other things


Let us know if you have questions about this product!

The Aitoc Team



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See our extensions for Magento 2.

Re: downloads on cms pages



Check out this Downloads & Attachments Anywhere extension for Magento. You can add downloadable images, any type of files to CMS pages or static blocks, product or category pages.  Also you may limit downloads on time, upload documents for certain customers or customer groups, attach and detach files to multiple products at once.


Hope this helps!

Regards, Alex

Re: downloads on cms pages

You can download our Magento Product Attachments extension that allows store admin to add multiple file types on Products and CMS pages. This extension also creates a separate file download page where merchants can display all their downloadable files in different categories. The major features of this extension includes:

Restrict download permissions by customer groups

  • Show file download counter
  • Automatically displays attractive icons with respect to file format
  • The attachment can be a video
  • Add File title and description
  • Limit number of times a file can be downloaded

Magento 1 Version -

Magento 2 Version -
Marketplace listing -


File Attachments on Product Page:


1. Magento Product Attachment.png


File Attachment at Home & CMS Page:


4. Magento File Upload.png



Separate File Download Page:


2. Magento Product Attachment.png