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dropdown options & dependencies at checkout

dropdown options & dependencies at checkout

I am looking to create a 'How did you hear about us area' that is a bit custom. When a user selects "sales rep" from the dropdown for instance, I want either a text area or a drop down to appear next to it to say 'which sales rep?'


It would have to have a custom text area or drop down appear (or none at all) for each of the initial drop down items.


I don't think this needs to be a specific 'how did you hear about us' plugin - but I'm wondering if the functionality is available.


Re: dropdown options & dependencies at checkout


You can try our Customer Attributes extension enabling customers to provide any additional information according to your request on the registration page or later in their accounts. The module includes multiple field types and input date validation.

Re: dropdown options & dependencies at checkout

Hey kodokids, 

You might want to take a look at our Checkout Fields Manager extension

It has super-flexible settings: 

  1. Choose between a dropdown, a Yes/No choice, a multiselect, a text field, a text area, checkbox, date selection or a radio button (basic HTML is supported).
  2. Add custom fields to any checkout step.
  3. Add the same fields to customer registration page, too!
  4. Use custom fields only for particular customer groups.
  5. Use custom fields only for particular product categories.
  6. Use custom fields only when particular products are ordered.
  7. Sort and filter Orders based on the data in your custom fields.

These are the key features, but there are many more. The extension works with RWD themes!


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See our extensions for Magento 2.

Re: dropdown options & dependencies at checkout

Thanks for this suggestion - but this plugin does not allow the dependencies I need without paid customization.

Re: dropdown options & dependencies at checkout

Try Additional Checkout Attributes extension by FME, which allows you to add custom fields to any section of the checkout page. You can add multiple types of custom fields like dropdown menu, text field and many more. You can make the custom fields Optional or Mandatory.


Support following Custom fields:


 - Date
 - Text Field
 - Text Area
 - Checkbox
 - Yes/No
 - Drop down
 - Radio button,
 - Multi select
 - Message display