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eCommerce Functionality

eCommerce Functionality

I have never used Magento before - I'd love to try it with this new website I am developing.


I am looking for a specific functionality which I can include.

It's an eCommerce site selling images - however, the user would need to select the image they want to purchase, step 2, they would need to select a frame style / canvas they want the image on, step 3 check out.


The user MUST select a frame / canvas - they cannot purchase only the image. This is not a stock image site.


Is there a way to do this with Magento?


Re: eCommerce Functionality

Hi SamiJ!


You can try the Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento that provides conditional branching, i.e make field or a group of fields dependent. Thus you may set a certain condition to make one field "Frame style / Canvas" dependent on the "Images" field. There is an option to make these fields required.

Also using the module there is ability to associate options to other products. If the associated product is out of stock the customer won't be able to select it in the dropdown.


Hope this helps!

Regards, Alex


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