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filter slider

filter slider

I am looking for an extension that would allow me to change a filter category.

Aswell as wanting to change the price filter to a slider/input range

I am also wanting to change another filter category to a slider/input range filter.

I have only managed so far to find an extension that will change the price range to a slider, i havent found one that will allow a price slider and also another filter of my choice to a slider, it is a number filer 'how many kw boiler' with loads of different kws so all number selection

thanks in advance


Re: filter slider



You can check out the Multi-Category Layered Navigation module for Magento that provides a convenient tool with advanced search logic.


  • Multi-options
  • Visual price scrollbars
  • Multi-categories and sub-categories
  • SEO- and human-friendly URLs
  • Easy management of selections - expanding, collapsing, clear some blocks or all selected options

Please, check out the demo here.


Hope this helps!

Regards, Alex


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Re: filter slider

Hi @shezzaar

Magento 2 Layered Navigation will enable you to add Price Slider feature to your website. Also, Multiple Filter and Multiple values selecting options will optimize your website's usability. Over 12 advanced features integrated in this extension are what you need for a professional and user-friendly online store website.


Hope this helpful!