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inventory over multiple platforms

inventory over multiple platforms

Hi All First post and hopefully in the right section.
We are a growing online business that use Magento for our website and 99% of sales.
Our other outlets are Etsy and ebay but only a small % of stock is held on these sites. ie ebay branded products, Etsy our designed product
We currently track all our inventory via excel doing manual updates when items are sold on each platform and then going into the platform to update, ie a website sale listed on etsy as well, we would updated the excel spreadsheet and then go into Etsy to update stock.
Any cheap solutions as we are a very small business but our product line is around 500 lines.

When I last looked at this all I could find was packages that listed everything on each platform and we need to be selective.

We already use Royal Mail Click and drop and have Magento and ebay integration with that.
Thanks for your help and hopefully some good suggestions.
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Re: inventory over multiple platforms

Hey are you looking for a solution like M2EPro with lets you integrate Magento directly with Amazon or eBay?


Other than that you could use something like Rapidflow to schedule CSV imports of stock status if you can export these from the other platforms.


Other than that it would be good to elaborate your requirements a bit further.




Re: inventory over multiple platforms

Thanks for the reply. Ill try to clarify.


Our Magento website sells 99% of our product, own brand and branded

Our ebay store sells branded product and clearance items and 1% of items not listed elsewhere

Our Etsy store sells only our own designed product.


All inventory is listed in an excel spread sheet.


So in summary Inventory is listed as such.

Magento and ebay 

Magento and etsy


ebay items are not listed on Etsy and vice a versa.


So when we sell something on Magento, We have to manually update excel and the other platform its listed on. 


And if we sell on Etsy we have to update the excel spreadsheet and magento.


As we grow it now takes as long to update everything as it is to pick and pack the items, We are a 1 man operation dispatch anything from 1 item a day in summer to 30 items a day in the run upto Christmas.


I'm looking for something that will make the Inventory management easier and cross platform  inventory updates automatic but keeping the inventory on each platform as per the comments earlier.


Hope this clarifies.


Re: inventory over multiple platforms


If you're looking for a solution to avoid manual updates between platforms try sellbery. Once Amazon order is placed it's synchronized with your Magento store. For 500 items it will be cheap, and also you can start with 45 days free trial.