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lazy load good for SEO

lazy load good for SEO

Hello community, is there any lazy load that doesn't harm SEO on my site? thank you!


Re: lazy load good for SEO

Hello @jacoblb


You can have a look at this extension


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Re: lazy load good for SEO

hi @jacoblb,

Maybe you are interested in our Magento Lazy Image Loader which is totally compatible with SEO.

Re: lazy load good for SEO

Improve the loading time of your site pages with our Magento 2 Lazy Load Product Image. Increase your site performance by loading product images as the user scrolls down the page. It helps you achieve better speed and performance, ensure a smooth user experience, better conversion and improved SEO score.

  • Delay Product images loading until users scroll down
  • Optimize your SEO for Magento 2 websites
  • Smooth loading transition for better user experiences
  • Must have for mobile views


The following link Magento 2 Lazy Load Product Image would be useful.

Re: lazy load good for SEO

If you are looking for lazy load extension for Magento 2, I'd suggest a few from the marketplace:

Hope it helps.

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Re: lazy load good for SEO

Hello @jacoblb,


I recommend you the best Magento 2 Lazy load and Ajax scroll Extension from Bootsgrid. 


I hope it will help you to increase your page speed without affecting SEO of your site.


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Re: lazy load good for SEO

Those are usually images that need to be lazy-loaded for the sake of improved loading speed and reduced page size.


Magento 2 Image Lazy Load extension isn't not harming but contributes to the SEO improvement since it makes your website load faster which is important for SEO.

Re: lazy load good for SEO

Magento 2 Catalog Ajax Scroll extension helps automatically load the next page of catalog pages by AJAX when a customer scrolls to end of the page.

Download it for Free

Re: lazy load good for SEO

Lazy loading shouldn't hurt your website SEO at all. On the contrary, it is used to create a stunning user experience and ensure fast loading that is one of the main things Google pays high attention to.


Magento 2 Image Optimization extension that is a bundle of 2 products - Magento 2 Image Lazy Load and Magento 2 WebP Optimized images - allows you to enable image lazy loading and correspondingly convert images into the WebP format.


Images in WebP format are smaller in size but good-looking since this extension allows us to choose not only size but the quality of images to be converted to. And the Lazy loading makes them load gradually.


Re: lazy load good for SEO

Hello @jacoblb 

If you want to provide a faster browsing experience to your customers then you must go for "Speed Optimization Extension (WebP) for Magento 2." This extension not only provide the option for the Lazy Loading but also have multiple features that may help you to optimize your store performance and speed-up your online store performance. 


Benefits -

  • Enable Lazy Loading image technique to reduce page load time.
  • Automatically converts the image file format to .webp
  • Support Defer Loading.
  • Support Image Responsive Pixels.
  • JPEG Images Compression.
  • And much more.


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