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magento 2.1.2 worldpay

magento 2.1.2 worldpay

Hello Everyone, 


I hope is well... I signed up to worldplay not long ago and was interested in knowing if there is an official extensions for magento 2.1.2. I have tried contacting worldplay but they are not very helpful when it comes to magento 2 extensions. 


Thank you in advance.  


Re: magento 2.1.2 worldpay

Not at the moment, 'Magento 2 is not on the pre-approved list' as per the email response I received below.


We purchased the sellxed Magento 2 WorldPay extension as it's the only one we could find for Magento 2 currently.

If at all possible I would avoid using WorldPay with Magento 2 until they provide or approve a PCI compliant extension that allows users to complete the transaction without leaving your site. Currently even using the sellxed extension users are always taken off site unlike Sage Pay which will impact conversion rates.

This is the response Wordplay provided when we contacted them about Magento 2:


If your shopping cart is in the approved list below then you can simply email us your proof of purchase (i.e. invoice) to
If you are using your own bespoke system or a shopping cart not in the pre-approved list then to ensure you are PCI compliant we will need to see that your server is safe to handle customer data. To do this you can provide us a 'Clean vulnerability scan'. Approved scanning vendors can be found at
Please email the scan to
Approved Shopping carts
"  1ShoppingCart
"  1&1
"  Adobe Business Catalyst
"  Artez/Rapidata
"  App55
"  AmeriCommerce
"  Anchor Computer Systems Ltd
"  Convio
"  Engaging Networks
"  eTouches
"  FoxyCart
"  Gateway Ticketing
"  InfusionSoft
"  KashFlow 
"  MoBank
"  Netsuite
"  QuoteWerks
"  Shopify
"  Spreedly
"  @UK PLC
"  Volusion
"  WPM
PCI guidelines can be found at
Kind Regards
Name Removed
SME Online Payments Boarding Advisor
Customer Enablement | Worldpay UK |
Victory House | 5th Avenue | Gateshead | NE11 0EL | United Kingdom

Re: magento 2.1.2 worldpay

Re: magento 2.1.2 worldpay

I think you should try our Magento 2 Worldpay extension which is the most popular with 32 five star ratings and approved by marketplace as well. It supports the newly launched Worldpay Secure Acceptence Checkout and Worldpay business payment methods. 


Both are hosted methods and thus, ensures payment security. 

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