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magento with sub sellers account based on geographic area

magento with sub sellers account based on geographic area



I'm developing an e-commerce with the following requirements:

  • when a customers place and order it assigned to a specific sub seller based on the geographic rules (example zip code);
  • each sub seller:
    • has access to individual admin area where he can see the orders assigned to him;
    • has access only to orders details, not customers (except expedition);
    • is created by the admin user, no registration;
    • the catalogue can be different for each subsellers and if a user buy 2 products assigned to differents sub-sellers the order must be split;
    • I can specify the price rules for the single subseller (if a product's customer price is 100 $ the amount given to the subselelrs will be for example 80 $);

Can a solution like this be considered dropshipping?Can you give me some advice on where to start? Are there some extensions that I can rely on or I must build a custom solution? Is it possible to build something like that on magento?


Thank you