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..offers click and collect!

..offers click and collect!

Hi! We're posting here to tell you all a little more about CornerDrop. We offer a true Click and Collect solution for Magento ecommerce sites with no changing of any packing processes or delivery agreements. We sit within the alternative delivery address section offering a secure, reliable PAYG service to all Magento users.

Our free extension gives access to over 600 locations nationally, growing every day, targeted to reach 2,000 in time for Christmas 2015. Any Magento site can now offer Click and Collect directly through their check-out process. Fewer lost sales, fewer delivery problems, more satisfied customers and critically, the ability to compete with the big retailers!

Launched in August 2015 after 18 months of development, crowd funded and built by a team dedicated to maximising the benefits of Click and Collect for everyone.

For a limited period, new extension customers will get ten free credits with their first purchase. Our extension can be downloaded from here. You will also need a CornerDrop account to manage


Thanks for reading!