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"Brands" and "on sale" optimized for SEO

"Brands" and "on sale" optimized for SEO

I need a good extension for brands on my website. It has to work well with SEO and categories. E.g. if I have Adidas as a brand and pants as a category I have a landing page something like: ..../brands/adidas/pants where I can optimize with title tag, meta description etc. It has to work automatically so I e.g. can choose the specific attribute for my brands and the brand pages are then created. 


I need something similar for products on sale. E.g. /onsale/adidas/pants where I can optimize for SEO and products are automatically transferred there. 


Thank you!


Re: "Brands" and "on sale" optimized for SEO

Hi, perhaps you just need a SEO-friendly Shop by Brand extension allowing to specify custom Meta tags. Take a look at our Magento Shop by Brand extension.


Of course, it is a bit different from your requirements still meets several your needs.


The same applies to brand menus you asked in your next question. You can add brand pages URLs to the Magento menu.

Re: "Brands" and "on sale" optimized for SEO

@Aheadworks I have checked the extension but it does not have the requirements I need:

- Separate tItle tag from title is not possible in backend

- The categories work as filters and not separate new landing pages where I can work with SEO. e.g. Nike Shoes

Re: "Brands" and "on sale" optimized for SEO

Well, it's a pity. Still hope you'll find the thing you are looking for.

Re: "Brands" and "on sale" optimized for SEO

Hi @only4kids

It seems that Improved Layered Navigation is exactly what you need. In addition to all other features it can create brand pages. Please see the demos - Shop by Brands and Brand Page


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Re: "Brands" and "on sale" optimized for SEO

It seems that our Magento Shop by Brand extension is a good match. It comes with powerful features and cheap price of $ 39.Please see the demo
For Magento 1 : Magento Shop by Brand extension
For Magento 2 : Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension


Re: "Brands" and "on sale" optimized for SEO

For this, you have to use the SEO friendly platforms. You can also take SEO expert help to build this extension according to your requirements. 

Re: "Brands" and "on sale" optimized for SEO

Hi @only4kids.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation is dedicated to serve all you need for SEO. This extension provides an effective filter system which includes filtering products by store availability. It also has Price Slider & Numeric Filter supported and over 12 advanced features to make you a highly productive online store website.


Hope this helps!

Re: "Brands" and "on sale" optimized for SEO

Hi,  only4kids

If you are looking for a good extension for brands on your website, I would like to suggest you BRAND EXTENSION FOR MAGENTO 2 because,

  1. It is FREE
  2. It offers you a large range of benefits:
  • Display brand image block anywhere on your site.
  • Brand Logo with Owl Carousel
  • Nice Brand Page.
  • Show brands page with multiple layouts
  • Easy to use & customize
  • Seo Optimization

View Details | Check Backend Demo | Check Frontend Demo

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Re: "Brands" and "on sale" optimized for SEO

Try the following Magento shop by brand/manufacturer extension by FME. It's a feature-rich extension and widely used & trusted. 

This extension allows customers to search & shop by a specific brand or manufacturer. They can also search brands from alphabetical listing. You can create unlimited brands and attach products for easy categorization. Create a separate page for each brand with related details. Display popular brands in featured block. 

It also allows you to achieve higher search engine visibility for your brands page. You can add meta title, description and keywords for each brand page. 


See full features:


More high quality extensions: