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security scanner

security scanner

Hi there


Not sure is it the best place, because the solution I want to discuss not exactly extensions, at least most of them.


Anyway, I am comparing options for a solution that does ongoing scan of Magento website and detects there malware, injections, vulnerabilities, viruses. 


So far I have found the next solutions


All they as I understand have server component that I should install to the server where Magento is hosted.

There is also an extension called Mage Fence


I am interested to hear feedback from people who used any of the solution above or substitutes - the good the bad and the ugly sides of using them Smiley Happy




Re: security scanner

Security scanners can use Internet connections to scan files on other computers over the Internet through file sharing protocols such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). They may also monitor network traffic looking for signs of malicious activity. I am now willing to read article because it has useful information about Peter Skrzyneck Analysis and I got topic to write an essay about it.