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store pickup extension for Magento 2

store pickup extension for Magento 2

Have a good day everyone,

I have just started my business in clothes. I want to find an effective store pick-up extension for my Magento 2 store. Could anybody here give me some choices?

Thank in advance,


Re: store pickup extension for Magento 2

Hi @Daisy082

I highly recommend you to use Magento 2 Store Pick Up Extension created by Landofcoder. This extension will help you engage a majority of customers and also boost conversion rates and sales of your business.

Link product:

Re: store pickup extension for Magento 2

Hi @Daisy082,

I can suggest you for the instore pickup extension for magento2 which is developed by Bootsgrid. Here I share the link below.

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Best regards

Re: store pickup extension for Magento 2

Every store pickup module just removes the tax when it has to be collected if it is a store pickup. Frustrating

Re: store pickup extension for Magento 2

I wonder if @ShipperHQ has solved this, as Store Pickup is a part of their SaaS platform. 


Tagging Josh @ WebShopApps in case he has any ideas about collecting the right sales tax with store pickup. 

Re: store pickup extension for Magento 2

Hey Robert,


Thanks for mentioning us!


ShipperHQ does support store pickup on Magento 2.1 or later.


We change the shipping address to be the selected store pickup address, so assuming you base the tax on the shipping address I don't foresee any issues.


Please get in touch. We offer a totally free 30 day trial in which you can setup your account and install the Magento 2 module to ensure we're going to work as you need us to.


-- Josh

Re: store pickup extension for Magento 2



Try this amazing Magento 2 Store Pickup module for your business. 


With the help of this extension, you can add multiple store locations and store pickup for your business on your website. So customers can easily choose the nearest store with their convenient dates and times. 

Re: store pickup extension for Magento 2

Hi @Daisy082 

For Magento 2 store pickup i would suggest you the module by webkul. 

They provide the best extension for the e-commerce store. 
To connect with them please create a ticket through this link.

Re: store pickup extension for Magento 2

Hi @Daisy082 


Have you tried Store Pickup extension for Magento 2 allows your customer to select the shipping option as a physical pickup from the multiple physical stores available


It will help you with --

  • Customers can physically pick up their order from your store.
  • Featured option to configure store pickup locations.
  • Admin can select multiple countries to allow store pickup.
  • Shipping charges calculated according to the location.

Hope this will help you out! 

  • Enhanced option for custom title and error message.
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Re: store pickup extension for Magento 2

I recommend Store Pickup Magento 2 Extension by MageDelight for your online business! It helps you to let your customers order online and pick up from the physical location at their scheduled time and date! [It is compatible with the GraphQL]

Main Features Covers:

  • Configure multiple stores, with details of each
  • Customers can opt for a store to pick a product
  • Comes with "Ready for Pickup" status
  • Deliver products by verify delivery PIN
  • Display store opening and closing time
  • Add & Manage Multiple Stores
  • Include Social Media page links for Facebook and Twitter