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How NOT to share a cart?

How NOT to share a cart?


I'm creating my website with Magento 1.9.3 which is divided in two main parts:

- Food delivery

-Sales of products


I have created 1 site, 2 stores (food and products) and 1 view per store.

Each store has is own root category.


My cart is sharing between the 2 stores, it means that in the same cart I can put products from STORE 1 and products from STORE 2.


The problem is that I would like NOT to share the cart because I don't deliver the products in the same way and in the same place if it comes from STORE 1 or STORE 2.


I don't know what to do to have 1 cart per store, instead having 1 cart for all the stores.


If someone knows how to setup Magento not to share the cart, it would be really helpfull for me.


Thanks for your help!!!