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Several Simple Products combined to one simple product?

Several Simple Products combined to one simple product?

Hi everybody,


in our store we are selling strollers. 

Some of these are put together by our customers like several blocks. 

So he choses 3 parts for exemple:


Part one: red canopy

Part two: aluminium frame

Part three: pneumatic tires


Each part stand for one single product in our magento and ERP-Stock and has to be processed this way.


Right now we solved this issue by using an extension which allows us to combine several konfig products in one grouped prduct. The problem is that we can not display the actual configuered product which confuses our customers.


So my questions lead to several approches to solve our problem:


1. Can you combine several simple products in one simple product?

2. Can you combine several configurable products in one configurable product?

3. Can you split bundle products into simple products for checkout, cart and further processing?


Our aim is to prepare our store as good as possible so that we can use a color swatching module for our product presentation.


Thank you for your help,