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Shipping How easy?

Shipping How easy?

Hello everybody, I want to buy a shop. How is your experience whit the connection of shipping service, or rather how flexible am I with the configuration? How Easy can I send order. how comfortable is the creation of labels ( do i have to do for each order an extra click or can I create multiple at the same time?), something like that. I would be very grateful about experiences and advices


Hallo Zusammen, ich will mir den Shop zulegen. Wie sind eure Erfahrungen mit der Anbindung von Versanddienstleistern. Bzw. Wie flexibel bin ich mit der Konfiguration, wie einfach kann ich damit Versenden, wie bequem ist das Erstellen von Labels (muss ich zB für jeden Auftrag extra klicken oder kann ich mehrere aufeinmal erzeugen) sowas halt. Über Erfahrungen und ratschläge wäre ich sehr dankbar


Re: Shipping How easy?

@FlorianLeisers Magento is one of best choice for e-commerce website, as you may know! Come to your point, frankly, it depends which shipping method you are using, as Magento default provide UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL (all popular) shipping methods you just need to integrate your account. (easy configuration)


However, many ready extension also available for Germany, ex -

Or you can contact to developer to develop your custom extension for shipping of your prefer vendor.


Regards to your point order points, if you choose different products / items then yes you need to add it into cart. But if want to order same items again then Reorder possible.


Hope above will helps you... Cheers!


P.S - Feel free to post your queries if you have any!

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Re: Shipping How easy?

Where can I see a testshop maybee. It is very important to know the intigration before i will buy a shop