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Tips for when you're in Vegas

New Contributor

Tips for when you're in Vegas

Hi there

I was a first timer last year and here are the things I wish I knew or discovered on the spot.

I'm sure the more you attend Imagine events the wiser you are so please, chip in!


Tip #1 -  How to get around Vegas.

For those who are not staying on the premises, I suggest you use Uber or Lyft instead of cabs/taxis for 3 reasons:

1- cabs tended to be more expensive, especially when you add tax and tip

2- cabs charge an extra $2 if you pay by card

3- it's a hassle to deal with cabs paper receipts 


With Uber or Lyft, no tip required, you know how much you're going to pay, you don't need to hand out cash or card, your receive a pdf receipt by email.


The only annoying thing though is that some hotels wouldn't let them pick you up at their main entrance. At the Wynn Hotel, pickup and drop-off happen at the South Entrance or Tower Suites, which is even closer to where our conference is happening 👍