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How involved is Jamie Foxx in Magento?

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How involved is Jamie Foxx in Magento?

I saw him as the keynote speaker for Imagine 2018, and wondered what a famous actor/musician had to do with shopping cart software... then saw on a Facebook post that he's involved in "product design and marketing for eyewear brand, Privé Revaux" which uses Magento 2... 


But how involved is Foxx in Magento? Like, did he even hear about it before Imagine 2018 was being planned? Is he involved in the admin, or back-end, or design? Has anything he's done on the website been noticeable or influential to him or influenced by him while he knew he was using Magento?


I'm just not seeing how he's anything more than a recognizable face, mostly to people who've never heard of Magento including maybe him; if I'm not wrong, couldn't they have found a better pick, even if it's less recognizable but more aware of or involved with Magento?

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Re: How involved is Jamie Foxx in Magento?

Short answer is: His shop being on Magento is a nice coincidence but it doesn't matter. In the recent years there always was a keynote speaker for general entertainment/inspiration/motivation purpose: Magic Johnson, Serena Williams, now Jamie Foxx 


I guess it counts as a personal bonus for attendees (and I don't want to know how much it costs Smiley Very Happy)