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Multi store, different base currencies

Multi store, different base currencies



I am a Merchant with a magento site in place. My developer has already finished the site except that he is not able to do below things. Unfortunately he has completely given up. So now I who is an absolute new to magento will have to complete. Please help.


My payment gateway is ccavenue. The default currency on my site is INR. I am expecting lot of orders from US, UK, Middle East & Austraiia. Keeping that in mind I kept 3 more currencies like USD, GBP & EURO. The issue is when one of these currencies selected and made purchase, the billing information shows the total cost (product price + shipping & handling) in INR. I want total  cost to come in the currency that I selected before purchasing. A third party vendor of ccavenue suggested that I need to create multi store option. Please guide me regarding this. And if anyone can help me with creating the same on my admin panel.


please please help 


Re: Multi store, different base currencies

Hi @nehalvs


To be able to use multi store and multi currency setup you have to setup multiple websites one for each currency.(Magento multi website concept). Your catalog price setup should be website instead of global.


Reference link :


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Re: Multi store, different base currencies

You need to set-up multiple websites, one for each currency...

Re: Multi store, different base currencies

I will paraphrase the solution of St0iK. you cannot set totally different base currency per store, however you'll be able to bonk per web site. initial you have got to travel to the admin panel -> System -> Configuration -> CATALOG -> Catalog -> value -> Catalog value Scope and alter it from international to web site. currently once you head to the admin panel -> System -> Configuration -> GENERAL -> Currency Setup -> Currency choices you'll be able to amendment Base Currency per web site, not just for Default (Global). Therefore you have got to transfer you stores to websites and you may be ready to do what you would like.I have some sensible work expertise with a cabs in kochi and my words are clearly supported what I felt through such processes within the past.