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Queries regarding the features

Queries regarding the features



1] We are designing a website to sell content. I need feature a such feature that when the visitor logs in and selected the e-book. The e-book is added to the cart and the payment is done. Once the payment is confirmed, the visitors should be able to view the e-book the website or app itself. 
Note: the e-book should be downloaded or the link shouldn't be sent.
Does your tool support this function?
2] may I know the types of discount available in the shopping cart tool?
3] Are there any sales team available in India?
Thank you

Re: Queries regarding the features

Hi @Nivi_s


As per my understanding your qeations are related to Magento platform features(Whether they exist or not).


1) You can try with Magento Downloadable products. You can restrict number of time a user is allowed to download the product. You can also allow the user to download the sample of the eBook.


2) Magento allows shopping cart rules as well as catalog price rules. Please Shopping Cart Price Rules


3) To contact Magento please visit

Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum