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Anowave extension issue (Ecommerce Data Partially populated)

Anowave extension issue (Ecommerce Data Partially populated)

Hello guys We have installed Anowave extension on our ecommerce website. Everything seems fine while we execute through GTM preview mode. 


- We have Google Ads Account Connected With Google Analytics

- Anowave Events are Firing on every page as we check in preview mode

- Anowave populate data layer as we check


Means Data Layer Pass values and even on thank you page everything seems fine. But in google Analytics Ecommerce Section We see on few transactions like 20 to 30(it show source and medium = direct) but in actual we have more then 500+ transactions a day. Why transactions truncated alot. Please see attached GTM screen shot on thank you page.


Google Support Team Check as Well but unable to find the issue. (They said we need to pass ecommerce tag hardcode as well as per their documentation) but after that problem is still there... so please guide me where we need to look at. Check Below Thank you page 

Ecommerce Tracking Anowave.png