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CCBill Module new order status as PENDING

CCBill Module new order status as PENDING

I am new in this platform. I am using CC-Bill Module for payment gateway.

Right now, the setting in the CC-Bill Module is set to default new order status as PENDING... but what is happening for some reason is any customer can now go through checkout process, click submit and  the order has already been pushed through to the shopping cart as 'pending' status.... even though payment has not been successfully posted or not.

I don't know how this platform does things but in Big Commerce  for example orders with no payment are set to status X (for example, pending) and then once they make their payment is goes to Status Y (example, Order Complete)

This way we know which orders have been paid and which orders have not been paid yet. And also so we know which orders to ship out.

This must be configured/corrected/sorted out. I am not sure how to do it.. there must be some small setting somewhere or something that I don't understanding about this system.

Please help me for fix the issue.