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Can't download extension


Can't download extension


I've tried to download an extension for the last three days:

When I use the key in my store admin, I get the error: "CONNECT ERROR: Package not found: Locale_Mage_community_es_ES"

I thought it was an error in my Magento installation or configuration, but I also get an error when trying to download it directly from

The same happens with all other Spanish translations.

Is Magento Connect down? Do you know of any alternative links to the extension?



Re: Can't download extension

I am getting the same error trying to download an extension


going there in a browser gives me a 404 error.

Re: Can't download extension

Thanks for reporting @Haniver and @kg6zjm - I'll check into this for you.


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Re: Can't download extension

Hello guys


The URL which you are using to downloads the package is only URL key for the Magento Connect manager for installation.

It is not direct URL download the package.


Please use MCM to install extensions





Re: Can't download extension

Within the Magento connect manager console I get this:


Checking dependencies of packages
Package core/Mage_Index failed: Channel 'core' doesn't exist
Starting to download Jas_ConfigurableIndex-0.2.0-beta.tgz ...

CONNECT ERROR: Package not found: Jas_ConfigurableIndex 0.2.0-beta

Re: Can't download extension

Since the Magento team will not help with this error in their servers, I found a way around it.

1. Copy the name of your extension. From the extension key, is what comes after the last dash (in the case of, copy "Locale_Mage_community_es_ES")

2. Go to

3. Paste the name of the extension in the search box, and search

4. Download -> all versions

5. Try downloading a version that is not down