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Cannot connect to host

Cannot connect to host

Hi i have this problem from a few days... I try to install any extensions through magento connect (my version 1.8.1) but return alway this error sample: community/m2epro_ebay_magento: Cannot connect to host:

I do not know if it is my problem or the marketplace

how solve it? 






Re: Cannot connect to host



1. Please cross check the download key if it is correct.

2. Also check under the settings tab, if the Magento version is in stable state.


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Re: Cannot connect to host

Appears to have been down for the past 4 days, been trying to install extensions ever since.


I get the following error:

Cannot connect to host:


When going to the extension URL i get:

Oops! An Error Occurred

The server returned a "404 Not Found".


These are modules I have installed fine in the past, I was actively installing modules a week ago.

Re: Cannot connect to host

I guess this problem happen when you are running magento in localhost. Can you try it on a shared hosting?

Re: Cannot connect to host

I am also getting the same error.


I am on Magento Connect Manager ver., using FTP deployment, running on Stable state.

When I try to install an extension, for example:


I get this error-

community/Beecoder_Beeshopy: Cannot connect to host:


Also if i try using SSH Terminal and running this command to install:

./mage install Mage_Downloader


I get this error-


install: Cannot connect to host:


Does anyobody know what's going on? Thanks



Re: Cannot connect to host

Try ping-ing that host from your server, ideally using ssh. If that is working fine, it may be worth checking your server curl version, I think there was some issue with one of the more recent versions.