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Connect your store to Facebook

Connect your store to Facebook


Can someone help me find out how to conect my store to facebook?

I have followed all the steps: I have activated Magento Social then I went on to launch the store trying to connect magento to facebook but end up with the message: Unable to connect, please activate your token. I then copy the Consumer Key code line and paste it but I receive the message that The customer key you've entered cannot be found, please check code. 

(I even reindexed the data, flushed and refreshed the cache but nothing helped)

What am I doing wrong here?



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Re: Connect your store to Facebook

Hi @AdrienG,


Maybe you can check again the documentation to be sure you didn't forget any step?

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Re: Connect your store to Facebook

I am getting the same problem. I also don't get the next step of authorizing the store either but when I want to authorize and reauthorize it does not fix the problem. How can we reset the connection or redo it and try it with the token? I have the same problem as above.