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Enable Cache while installing extension?

Enable Cache while installing extension?

The custom for me has always been to totally disable the cache before installing any extensions. Today I went to install an extension and discovered the installation instructions said,

It’s required to enable cache in the administration panel of your site. Go to System/Cache Management. Choose all caches and take action “Enable” then submit.

I have never heard of Enabling Cache the first.

Is this the correct way to install an extension?


While the custom is to disable the cache (it seems obvious why), can someone elaborate on the ramifications of having the cache on/off while installing an extension?

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Re: Enable Cache while installing extension?

Unless specifically mentioned by the extension developer, I do not see any reason on why cache should be specifically enabled or disabled while installing extensions as long as you remember to clear the caches once the extension is installed. 


The only important thing that must be disabled before any extension installation is Compilation which can mess up the whole store (I've seen too many cases of people forgetting to do just that). 

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Re: Enable Cache while installing extension?

I see this all the time! Especially in extension reviews, so I wrote a post about it today and I hope it can help others?
AND the Moderator is right! I don't know how many times I slapped myself upside the head for not turning Compilation OFF
I would also suggest to new users to learn about permissions as this one is simple and can escape you for a long time. Read
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