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Error when installing extensions: Unknown cipher

Error when installing extensions: Unknown cipher

When using Magento Connect to install an extention, I get the following error message: "{{extension_name}}: Unknown cipher in list: TLSv1". Has anyone else seen this error as well?

Additional information: On the "settings" tab of Magento Connect Manager, I can choose between http and https. Neither works.


Re: Error when installing extensions: Unknown cipher

I am experiencing the same problem, from what i can gather from the link below it is due to heightened security restrictions on

magento servers, that require that you have the latest version of openssl on your server.




My webhosting provider has admitted they do not have an updated openssl installation on their servers,and they do not plan to update within a few years. And my curl.php file does not contain the row of code that could be commented to do the quick fix. 


So you could check if your server has the latest version  of openssl, and if you have any ideas on where can i find an updated curl.php file that contains the row in question please give me that info. 


with Regards Stefan Johansson