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Extension 404 in Admin area

Extension 404 in Admin area

Hi guys,


Trying to get to the cause. There are 2 extensions on a client enterprise site, 1 pre-existing and 1 new (Magebuzz FAQs) these work on the front end but when I try and access them on the backend I get 404s. The URL doesn't seem right: /index.php/faq/adminhtml_faq/... rather than /admin/...


The plugins load fine on a local dev and remote dev environment just not on the live site.


Is there anything obvious that I am missing? Have tried the usual clearing caches, saving admin role user and logging out and in.




Re: Extension 404 in Admin area

Hi @rmccallum


It looks like your client has SUPEE-6788 security patch installed in EE 1.13, and the extensions you're trying to access haven't been made compatible with this patch. 

Here is what we mean -

With this patch (and the release of Magento that has it out of the box), many extensions and customization became inaccessible, and the developers (Aitoc included) had to fix them to make them work with the new routing model. 


Hope this helps Smiley Wink


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