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Extension installation not functioning

Extension installation not functioning

I'm currently buiding a new website and decided on some extra features. Got the extensions through connect manager, but every time I want to install it and click the proceed button, nothing happens. The page does drop down to the place the console should be shown, but this is never the case


i've disabled caching

changed https to http

disabled the maintenance option

changed the permissions on the server so everything is completely open


I've ran it in Firefox and in IE


What's left?


Also ran the FTP option.


Though the zip file is being uploaded, nothing happens after this. No error messages, nothing. It's all being done with Connector 2.0 - tried for a lark the 1.0 but this gives errors of course.


Re: Extension installation not functioning

Everyone thanks for the help - he says slightly sarcastic.


The installation function is still not working, no idea why. So I'm just doing it by hand, downloading the zip file and uploading it through ftp. If not for Magento being the only CMS program to have a good addon for Dynamics NAV I would seriously reconsider using something else.

Re: Extension installation not functioning



If you have access to SSH on the server you could try installing it from there using the following command;


./mage install <channelName> <packageName>


This is located in your public folder.


You may need to `chmod +x mage` to make it executable before running the command.




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Re: Extension installation not functioning

as with my own solution, this is a workaround. Due to the fact a lot of extensions are hard to find as a zip (or any other packaging type) file the installation option within the backend should be a priority to function correctly.

Re: Extension installation not functioning


Many have their Magento Downloader set to FTP when trying to use the "Paste extension key to install".
This will not work.
In settings it should be set to "Magento Connect Channel Protocol: HTTP" and for "Deployment Type: Local File system". Also do not use custom permissions as most have it wrong! They should be 755 and 644 anyway. If you get an red error text before installation, you have a permission problem, /media, /var and parts of /downloader need to be 777 for folders. For files 644 is OK as it does not have any effect on installing.

Most of the time trying to install via FTP fails via the Downloader as the package.xml in the extension was not written or setup for it anyway!
Also many get a "404 error page not found" when done. I wrote a post about this:

Hope it helps

Sincerely, James Niland
Niland Enterprise LLC