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Gift card Gift voucher Extension

Gift card Gift voucher Extension

Has anyone made use of this extension ?


I've managed to install it on my site, but am having issues in setting it up.


I'm unable to get the fields under the configure setup, to view/print on my voucher, ie gift card code, balance, expire, from, to, message.
On the front end the system does not request to complete these details, and when I run a test purchase of a voucher, it's only the customer name, amount and voucher number that is displayed.

How on earth do I set it up to print all the details? Anyone? Please


Re: Gift card Gift voucher Extension

Since this is a third party developer you will need to contact them directly for support.



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Re: Gift card Gift voucher Extension

Your issues are the difficulties I have met before my current module. My Gift Card extension is 100% open source and totally easy to install as well as configure. In case having any trouble, they will support me FREELY until all are perfect. Let find the similar solution for your store!

Re: Gift card Gift voucher Extension

an easy alternative, which may be customized according to your needs...

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