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GitHub API limit is exhausted

GitHub API limit is exhausted

Hi guys, so having bought an extension on the marketplace I have tried to enter the access keys associated with that marketplace account. However, whenever I submit a request from the web setup wizard I get the following error message. 


The 'rate limit' resets after one hour, then the error message just pops up again as soon as I try to send another request. 


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Edit: Image wont load. Error message -


Command "show" failed: GitHub API limit (0 calls/hr) is exhausted, could not fetch Create a GitHub OAuth token to go over the API rate limit. You can also wait until ? for the rate limit to reset. Head to to retrieve a token. It will be stored in "/home/" for future use by Composer. Token (hidden): Aborted. show [--all] [-i|--installed] [-p|--platform] [-a|--available] [-s|--self] [-N|--name-only] [-P|--path] [-t|--tree] [-l|--latest] [-o|--outdated] [--ignore IGNORE] [-m|--minor-only] [-D|--direct] [--strict] [-f|--format FORMAT] [--] [<package> [<version>]]