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Google Merchant Feed?

Google Merchant Feed?

Is there a FREE extension for google merchant? I can't believe Magento wouldn't have one but cannot seem to find such an extension? I am using CE 1.9.


Re: Google Merchant Feed?

I have not used this, but it is free.


I would recommend doing research


I google searched "magento google feed extension free" and this was the first result.

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Re: Google Merchant Feed?

I have tried too many times to find such a beast, but I ended up buying Gomage (not so good). After using it for awhile I ended up buy one from Mirasvit Extensions! Much better!
Some are Free, but require a subscription so you pay and pay and keep paying!!!
The short answer is NO and to get something you can use for awhile you may have to buy a package for this.

For Me it was worth the price as the one I have now is very flexible, so I have not yet found any I could not upload to (they are all different).
I forget the Free one I had , but I could only do Google!, and it soon became outdated because of Google.

As for the last part, it was at one time a built in part of Magento way-back when it was called googlebase. But I think Google is never happy. So they send endless hours changing everything all the time, so I think the Magento developers gave up or could not keep up with the constant changes!!!

My only regret was not buying a longer support time. Most paid extensions, the support is up before you know how to use it and find the problems. Very aggravating

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Re: Google Merchant Feed?

You can try this extension,

It's not free but it has 4 months of free support included.

Moreover, it creates profuct feeds not only for Google but also for other sites like, Amazon, Bing, etc.

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