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HELP Fatal error: Class '_Helper_Data' not found.

HELP Fatal error: Class '_Helper_Data' not found.

I purchased a software package from VENUSTREAM called Ves_FAQ.


I loaded the package as required. placing the zip file in the root directory and extracted.

When I went to open my Dashboard i got the following message.

Fatal error: Class 'Ves_FAQ_Helper_Data' not found in ///// // on line 547


The line reads:


* Retrieve helper object
* @param string $name the helper name
* @return Mage_Core_Helper_Abstract
public static function helper($name)
$registryKey = '_helper/' . $name;
if (!self::registry($registryKey)) {
$helperClass = self::getConfig()->getHelperClassName($name);
self::register($registryKey, new $helperClass);
return self::registry($registryKey);


LINE 547 is = self::register($registryKey, new $helperClass);


I have tried speaking with the company I purchased this from ( They say they are a registered Magento Dealer !!!! ) but they are not willing to sort this out.


HELP ME PLEASE I cannot access my Dashboard to see if we have any sales...