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How to Install github extension?


How to Install github extension?


Bit of a daft question, but I need some advice.

I have found an extension on github and downloaded it to my PC.

When it comes to uploading it to my server via FTP, I know I should copy across the ‘app’ folder but there are also files called ‘composer.json’ and the ‘LICENSE’ file.

Do I also have to upload them too?

Thanks for any help.


Re: How to Install github extension?

You do not need to upload these files. In fact I would suggest that you do not.


LICENSE -- probably license info

composer.json -- Used by composer dependency manager (which it sounds like you aren't using, since you're talking about uploading them manually)


The reason I suggest against uploading these is that you don't want a would-be hacker to know what version of a module you're using. These files could contain that information.


That said, Magento will probably run perfectly fine even if you do upload them, but they definitely aren't necessary.