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Install extension manually in 2.1


Install extension manually in 2.1


how do I manually install an extention (.tgz) in Magento 2? I tried to unzip it and copy the folders (app, lib, var) incl. content to the Magento root directory and merged them with the existing. Then I flushed the Magento cache, logged out and in but the extension doesn't show up.

Its a third party extention (Helium V connector) not available in the Magento Connect store.

Tried but this seams to be only available in 1.x

I set the permissions to 777 to exclude permissionproblems (its a local testing installation).

In my .tgz archive there is a file named package.xml in the root directory next to app, lib and var. I pasted it into the root folder of my Magento installation. Is it ok?


Thank you in advance and best regards.






Re: Install extension manually in 2.1

Hi @RichardHent,


I'm not sure but that module could be for Magento 1 only.

If you module has some directory like:


app/code/local or app/code/community


That's for Magento 1 only.

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