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Installing CDR Order Comment

Installing CDR Order Comment

Hi All,


I've installed CDR Order Comments in Magento v., the installation itself went very smoothly and it has been placed in the correct location when performing orders.


I've ticked the option to show order comments on the order grid, this is were the problems begin. If in the order process, you add a order comment and hit order everthing goes through which is fine.


But nothing is displayed in admin pabel on the order grid and I don't know what is happening. I have cleared all the caches and nothing is helping. I have placed debug into the order comment model and it seems to be not getting in there.




Scott Lunnon


Re: Installing CDR Order Comment

Under further investigation, the comments aren't being saved into the database, which table are saved into?


So far i've found that sales_falt_order is the place where the comments are meant to go!!!