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Issue with AMASTY Shipping Rules Extension

Issue with AMASTY Shipping Rules Extension

Amasty Devs aren't much help unfortunately..


Extension: Shipping Rules

Issue: Mass Insert comma-separated US zip codes


The .csv has been validated and there is nothing wrong with it.

When entering a mass quantity of zipcodes and saving it, nothing happens. The page refreshes back to the dashboard and then the zone i just created never shows up under "shipping rules" in the extension. 



-adding zips.PNGtest1 not showing.PNGerror.jpg


Re: Issue with AMASTY Shipping Rules Extension

@ateschrist2804 Have you checked by trying to increase the post_max_size variable value from php.ini

please check the value of this varible in your php info file.
If you don't have such file then create a php file as info.php on the root of magento directory and paste the below code in it.


echo phpinfo();

Then try to fetch this file in browser as yourdomain/info.php