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Layered Navigation installation

Layered Navigation installation

I'm using magento community Fairly new to the software and have a few questions.


I'm trying to install extensions for filtered layered navigation. I installed MANAdevs layered navigation through Magento Connect. Everything when smooth and it shows in the admin configuration screen. I reindexed and flushed cache, but the it just doesn't show up on the category list on home page or individual category pages.


I also installed FME layered navigation and that did the same. Everything installed smooth with no errors. But just wont show up.


So I uninstalled and then reinstalled magento through the hosting company. Brand new install. Made a bunch of test categories with products. Fresh installs of extensions. And nothing is working. Hell I can't even get the categories to show up on the homepage this time, let alone the layered navigation.


I just don't know whats going on. Very frustrating. It has to be something simple. Everything is enabled. Re-indexed. Cache flushed. Everything I read on installs. But again it just doesn't work.


I've installed a few other simple extensions through Magento Connect that work just fine. But for some reason the layered navigation does not. No matter which extension I install.


It has to be something simple. A silly setting I missed. No categories show on homepage. And even when they did, the layered navigation didn't work.


Sorry for the long post, but I have spent days and many hours searching and testing trying to get this to work. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,