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Magento Marketplace Extension

Magento Marketplace Extension

Our team had never used/installed any Multi-Vendor Extension before. Among many multi-vendor extensions, we found 2 best Marketplace Extensions i.e 'WebKul' and 'Unirgy'. The strange thing we found is that features are almost similar in both the extensions but 'WebKul' costs $369 where as 'Unirgy' costs $1,650.00. Can you give me any recommendation which of them to use and why ? and if you have any idea what is the difference between both of them ? Please let me know.


Re: Magento Marketplace Extension

I am also interested in knowing the difference. I am considering another marketplace solution which is being provided Free and has good features on Magento Connect - CedCommerce Marketplace but have not decided on it. I wont mind investing if I find a good solution.

Re: Magento Marketplace Extension

Hi There,

Webkul is knowns for their marketplace extensions and their top class support. We offer Multi vendor extension across range of platforms including Magento 2



Re: Magento Marketplace Extension

I am sorry but I have experienced their support and service. 

Extremely worse.

I purchased Agorae layout and multi-vendor module from them.

Agorae for which they are charging $89 and claim to be responsive and best in the market, as per my experience I can say, I haven't seen any layout worse than it. It created lot of problems to me and when I requested to clear the bugs, they (for some bugs) told me that it require a customization which is paid. For 17 days, they did nothing just to put me on hold everyday for the next day. 

I haven't checked the multi-vendor module as yet so I cannot share my experience and its review with all of you. 

But based on my layout, I can rate them 1/100, EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.

If you have much patience to to waste your 3-month of free support period, you can try it but I in any case would not recommend Webkul for you to go with. 


Re: Magento Marketplace Extension

Hi guy, I see that you are looking for Magento 2 marketplace extension.

From my point of view, I recommend LandofCoder Marketplace Extension which I am using and really enjoy it.
It also optimizes for both mobile and PC.


Re: Magento Marketplace Extension

Hi there


You should check the Magento Edition of both mentioned modules. As normally, it will cost more expensive for EE Magento edition. 


I take an example of Landofcoder module I'm using to compare:

- Marketplace module (basic) for CE: $299.00

- Marketplace module for EE: $1599.00. 

Re: Magento Marketplace Extension

Hi There!

I used Landofcoder marketplace and i am satisfied with it, a lot of utilities, plugins everything is perfect and works well on my site


Re: Magento Marketplace Extension



Hope my answer helps.


By using Multi vendor module you can convert your Magento 2 store into an online shopping mall marketplace. I suggest using Multi vendor module for Magento 2 by Webkul because the features are good and also it costs less than unirgy. 


If you can't decide between these 2 extensions then,  Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace extension by Lanofcoder is good to go with.