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Mageworx advanced custom options

Mageworx advanced custom options



I bought and installed advanced custom options extension from mageworx,and run into few problems,

I've been corresponding with their support for days now and I have to stay they are very slow 

when it comes to answering questions.

 My  problem is that I want to use custom options on configurable products with no

associated products,maybe it seems stupid but I have a tshirt shop with a lot of configurable

products with associated products,but only short sleeves,now I would like to add 

4-5 new models of tshirts on every existing configurable product with associated products

every configurable product is different print design and associated products are colours,sizes...

To go this way would be a looooot of clicking because of all the models colours and sizes,so I wanted

to make a template in advanced options extension,delete associated products and then just add tepmlate

to every product and its done.extension ads dependency to custom options,thats why I need it.

But what I didnt know is that if configurable product has no associated product assigned to it,

it shows out of stock even if you set it to in stock.  

Is there any possibility to solve this problem?   What I read is that its not good to change configurable to simple

products,I could go to catalog_product_entity table and just change it to simple but for what I hear it is not good

to mess with DB in that way. If anybody has some suggestions?


One more thing is that when you use swatch option that extension offers and you upload images 

that are to replace default gallery image,it replaces the images but images loose aspect ratio and 

quality,they look totaly different then default gallery image,and when you go to zoom it always shows 

default image zoomed no matter what image you choose. The mageworx support first said to me that is is my theme

that has the problem,but I installed extension on a fresh magento with default theme and it was the same problem,

and when I said to them that it is not my themes problem then they said that their extension does not support zoom

and if I want that to work they can do it but I have to pay for that. I dont know but it seems wrong to me because the 

extension has option to upload images and to replace default image, shouldn't  the images be properly displayed???

I mean the extension is for magento.

Any suggestions are welcome.Smiley Happy Thx

Best regards



Re: Mageworx advanced custom options

@Boris77 Boris,


these abilities are beyond the standard software functionality.


However, we'll eagerly custom-build these features for you - our support specialist Eugene has already sent you all the details. Please check your inbox and let us know what you think. 


P.S. Also, as I can see, our support replied to your ticket queries ( #12040) in time and there were no delays longer than one working day. Smiley Wink





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