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Markdown module issue

Markdown module issue


I have found this really cool module (, which works like a charm..for the most part.


There is a slight issue with Categories/Product description text areas.  Markdown is rendered correctly.  However, magento variables like store_url, are not resolved.

I tested this on static blocks and CMS pages and it works fine i.e. Magento variables are rendered correctly with the markdown.


Could someone assist on this?


Re: Markdown module issue

First you should check with the module developer on support issues.


Second: Are you using Magneto


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Re: Markdown module issue


I have already mailed the module dev separately.

Unfortunately, I have not received a response yet.


Apologies for not providing the magento version earlier.

Its . 

Re: Markdown module issue

@Brent W Peterson Do you have an idea on how I should go about this?