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Milople Partial Payment

Milople Partial Payment

Hi there,


I've today installed the Milople Partial Payment extension to my website. The extension itself is working just fine but it has weirdly thrown out the menu on the blog post pages. The blog page is fine, but within all the posts the menu seems to have moved up about 10pixels or so.


Has anyone encountered this kind of problem before?


Thanks very much in advance for your time.


Kind Regards

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Re: Milople Partial Payment

Try disabling the extension and then test it out if the problem disappears then the best could be done is to contact the extension provider and get it resolved from their support. One of my friend encountered a similar problem with Fme Partial Partial Payment extension. The support was awesome to resolve the issue.

Re: Milople Partial Payment

The extension from Milople is the best of its kind.However Being a developer I have installed and recommended it in much sites.

This may be th conflict with the theme initially. You may be able to fix it.

However if you still face any problems please contact their support. Believe me they are the fastest and prompt than any other IT companies