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Moblie friendly Magento site.

Moblie friendly Magento site.

Not totally sure if this is the correct place to ask this. But I was wonderinf ianyone had tutorials on taking a Magento store and making it mobile? Word is that Google is changing their algorithm soon as having a mobie site is necessary.


 I did post on a site for freelane workers and got a quite for $210. I figure if its easy enough to do I'll fo it on my own. I'm tech savy and built by site but just not sure about the mobile hing.


Re: Moblie friendly Magento site.

Hello @geniusmods 


Yes, we also heard that Google is going to update its algorithm on 4th April and this time it is going to focus on Mobile friendly websites but google haven't officially announced such update. Still if is true, you dont have much time to make your website mobile friendly (responsive). I am not sure you will be able to finish the responsiveness of your website in this much minimal time.


I would rather suggest you to go with any premium Magento theme which is fully responsive, you can save time and cost both.

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Re: Moblie friendly Magento site.

It's high time to think about going mobile (we are also developing a mobile site now). We have some time till April 21st (that's the day when Google mobile-friendly update is taking action as Google announced) to set everything up and test it.


You have 2 options:

- a separate mobile site. It's quite time consuming and needs additional set up of all the canonicals and redirects.

- a responsive design. It looks simpler provided you find a good responsive theme which can be integrated into your store.


Here is some useful info on mobile sites from Google

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Re: Moblie friendly Magento site.

Just to add, Amasty is correct, google as officially announced that the mobile friendly algo will change on the 21st of april

more info:


Google has a tool for checking if your pages are mobile friendly


But agree, best option is to get a good responsive theme for your website.

Re: Moblie friendly Magento site.

As per the Google our last chance to make our website mobile friendly is 21st april.  I guess you shoulf leave it to the professionals because making a theme responsive is not a big task but making the extension responsive is a big mess. The FmeExtensions is offering this service as well, Try contacting them for a professional work quote.

Re: Moblie friendly Magento site.

It is just need to intergrate responsive theme. The site will look perfectly on mobile friendly.

Re: Moblie friendly Magento site.

@Netbase Cmsmart


Find a responsive theme isnt dificult but the thing when he will make his websites responsive his already installed extension might not work, The problem will start then as he will have to make them responsive by himself and if he is lucky to find the resposonsive packages from extensions provider then installing them would increase his work as he will encounter many bugs again.


Re: Moblie friendly Magento site.

Hello can you let me know who quoted you the 210 i would like to them to make my site mobile friendly thanks.