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Newbie : extension install

Newbie : extension install

Hi all,


I'm brand new to Magento (started today and reading a lot of stuff) but one thing that puzzles me is how to install extensions.

I installed Magento with the normal zip (without example data), because it looked straightforeward.


Can I only install extensions with the composer edition ?

If not ... Magento Connect doesn't seem to be present in my installation.


Or will all extensions need to be downloaded from their individual sites and simply be put in the app folder to install from there?



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Re: Newbie : extension install

Which Magento version you're talking about? M1 and M2 have very little common on that regard.

Tanel Raja

Re: Newbie : extension install


(double post)

Re: Newbie : extension install

Oh indeed, I'm talking about CE 2.0.2


On a small sidenote : even though I'm not really scared to use the command prompt in linux, I find it rather overkill for a script like Magento, wich can easily run through a plain installer, I don't really see the pro's of it.  I'm probably mistaken though Smiley Happy


Anyhow ... plain installation without composer went smooth, I'm just really puzzled about the extensions, and it seems I'm not the only one. 


I've read at this moment extensions can only be installed via composer ? So I guess it's perhaps better to install 1.9.x even for new installs ?

Re: Newbie : extension install

The Marketplace (Component Manager) for Magento 2 is under development yet:

For now you should install the themes and extensions manually, following an instruction provided by the developer.