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No way to install new extensions?

No way to install new extensions?

Installed Magento 2.0.5 and can not find a way to install any new extensions or language packs. Done a lot of searching on google but nothing. 


- Most refer to go to System->Magento Connect and enter the marketplace module link key there. I dont have "Magento Connect" under System at all. 

- Others refer to use System->Web Setup Wizard. I have logged in there to my marketplace account, synced and see a list of modules (not added by me). Click "Install" and I get to the list. However there is no way to install new modules from Marketplace that I actually need. Specially a language pack and a few others.


Thanks for your help!


Re: No way to install new extensions?



Could you please try to click on the sync button one more time?  On the version 2.0.5 it is required to do additional sync to get the full list of the purchased extensions.


Also please make sure you are using the access key from the account which has purchased extensions.


Thanks in advance

Tanya  Soroka

Re: No way to install new extensions?

Where should I enter the extension access key link that I acquire from the extension pages? There is no way to enter it? I have clicked "purchase" and got the link. 



Re: No way to install new extensions?



Please visit this page for the installation flow.

  • you should use the aces key from your Marketplace account
  • you need to enter this access keys only one time when you trying to sync.
  • to get the later update, you just need to click on the button sync


This logic has been improved on newest versions.


Please tell me if you have any other questions.

Re: No way to install new extensions?

I have the same problem. I don't think the problem is SYNC. The problem is the the extensions we are looking for are not in the market place under Magento 2. The extensions I want are listed as support to Margento 1.9, but not 2. When I contacted the support, they assured me it is compatible with Mag2 but it is not listed there yet. 


So, is there anyway to easily install the extensions that are not listed under Mag2 yet from market place? 



Re: No way to install new extensions?

I had the same problem. I could not find the 'Magento Connect' in the 'System' or anywhere in the Admin Panel, but the support persons from the Magento Team keep giving the same dumb answer to put the access key in the 'Magento Connect' in the Admin Panel. I can't understand how could the support team of such a popular platform like Magento be so dumb. Seems they don't understand the problem. I wonder whether they have even seen inside of the Admin Panel by themselves or not. Anyway, I have downgraded my store (under development) from version 2 to and this is the most tricky part of Magento that they haven't give us the option to download the file itself so that we can install them manually. This is just very wrong and I can tell you that because of this fishy nature of Magento, many people are moving towards other scripts like Prestashop, Open Cart and Joomla. Though Joomla is a CMS, but it has many beautiful extensions for building a shopping cart. For my Magento site, I am using some third-party extensions so that I can have the files with me and would not be helpless because of Magento Team has not make them compatible with the latest version. I have never experienced such a dumb support.

Re: No way to install new extensions?

Hi @ws16, if the extension you need is not listed in Marketplace yet, you'll need to get it directly from the extension provider. Extensions go through code reviews before published. You can read more about this process here:


Sorry to hear you haven't received the help you need @tanmoy30, the process has changed a bit in Magento 2. You'll need to go to System > Web Application Wizard > Component Manager. We have documentation here that should help you walk through it:


Please let me know if that resolves your issue or if you need additional help!


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Re: No way to install new extensions?

Sorry for reviving this old thread, but is there a EASY way to install magento 2 extensions not currently available in the market place? By FTP for example?

I want to install an extension for mollie payment service provider

with an installation guide that makes no sense to me as newbie at magento. According to the developper it works in magento 2, but it awaits approval. I'm instructed to go to an install module which I cannot find and use a program called composer. This should not be so complicated imo. In the documentation provided by magento, I only get info on how to install extenions from the marketplace.

Re: No way to install new extensions?



Reviving this because I'm still running into issues. Initially, there was no menu item for "Web Setup Wizard" under settings. I followed instructions that pointed to commenting out line #47 in a menu documentation. 


Once the menu item became available to me, the link led me to a 404 page. 


I'm trying to install an extension and I've been running into multiple road blocks. Is there a workaround for this issue? Or is this an indication that I need to install the extension in a different way?