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Payment Gateway Extension Integration

Payment Gateway Extension Integration

Does anybody done ontap payment gateway integration on Magento Ver 1.9? I have tried using the Magento connect but it doesnt work. Can anybody share the steps here which would be helpful for many along the bugs/solutions.


Re: Payment Gateway Extension Integration

Hi @tony_john,


Which payment gateway integration?

Can you share a link to the module's marketplace page?

Re: Payment Gateway Extension Integration

Hello @tony_john 


I would like to suggest you to use  PayTrace Payment Gateway. because it have lots of features that other payment gateways don't. its safe, easy to use and integrate with your Magento 2 store. Today it has become one of the prominent industry leaders, providing highly secure, user-friendly payment processing services.

I personally use this extension from last few years. I bought it from Elsner Store. such a wonderful experience with Elsner. they provide best in class Magento 2 Extensions in very cheap price. 

Re: Payment Gateway Extension Integration



Steps to add a new payment:

  • To add a new payment method module option, Described in the topic.
  • Configure payment method options. Described in Payment method configuration
  • Implement and configure payment method facade - the allowing to process payment actions between Magento sales management and payment processor.
  • Implement and configure payment actions. Described in Add a gateway command.

I would recommend PayTrace Payment Gateway from Elsner Store. Paytrace payment gateway is safe, easy to use, and integrated with your Magento 2 store. It is a secure, user-friendly payment processing service.