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PlumRocket DataFeed Generator is not able to get proper due to category structure.

PlumRocket DataFeed Generator is not able to get proper due to category structure.

Our site has recently added a few extensions for some better flexibility with marketing data. Amongst those that we've added, PlumRocket was chosen for working 'out of the box' with AvantLink. We've had problems getting an RSS product feed together for AvantLink, and since this advertised Magento/AvantLink compatibility out of the box, figured there would be no problem in trying to get this set up.


Unfortunately, now that we've purchased the extension, we've stumbled across an error that seems to have been committed when the categories for our store were first set up. The issue is that there is a 'Default Category' as the sole root category; this contains all of the subcategories, which contain everything for our store.


At this point it turns out that the data feed that is being generated by PlumRocket is perfect for everything that AvantLink needs, except for the fact that each product is coming out as being in the category 'Default Category' (as accessed by the {} tag in the data feed configuration page [admin]). AvantLink requires different categories. Now if I were able to access the next categorical level down from 'Default Category', instead of the top level one accessed as {}, things would probably be alright, as this is a diversified set of classifications. However I don't seem to be able to do that with any of the existing tags.


Has anybody else run into an issue like this before? Or do you know if it's possible to move those sub-categories to 'Default Category' out to be 'parallel' categories of their own at the top? Is anyone aware of any way that I wasn't able to find to work with PlumRocket DataFeed Generator's tags so that I can access this information without a database restructure? I really don't want to have to hack and create a patch for PlumRocket subbing in the appropriate data there. With my amount of knowledge on this project it probably would not be worth it.


Anyway, any tips or pointers in the right direction that are offered would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter!

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Re: PlumRocket DataFeed Generator is not able to get proper due to category structure.


You know, it may be late, but we just found your post with the question. We decided to write our solution in case it helps someone else.  

Our  Data Feed Extension supports many tags, basic  of them can be foud in our online documentation. In most cases you can  use those tags for flexible configuration of the module. However, in your case you need to contact our support service  at so we could make some customization for you in Plumrocket Data Feed Extension. We will add this option in the future versions of our module. 



Plumrocket Team