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SUPEE-6482 shows unknown

SUPEE-6482 shows unknown

After install 6482.


I checking on and it show Unknow.


Security patch 6482 (XSS)   unknown


Can you help me.



Re: SUPEE-6482 shows unknown

Hi @Thunghiem


Which version of Magento are you using and how did you apply the patch?


Check app/code/core/Mage/Api/Model/Server/Adapter/Soap.php file 


-        if( $withAuth ) {
-            $phpAuthUser = $this->getController()->getRequest()->getServer('PHP_AUTH_USER', false);
-            $phpAuthPw = $this->getController()->getRequest()->getServer('PHP_AUTH_PW', false);
+        if ( $withAuth ) {
+            $phpAuthUser = rawurlencode($this->getController()->getRequest()->getServer('PHP_AUTH_USER', false));
+            $phpAuthPw = rawurlencode($this->getController()->getRequest()->getServer('PHP_AUTH_PW', false));
+            $scheme = rawurlencode($this->getController()->getRequest()->getScheme());

in the above file the line which have - in front of them should be replaced by the lines with + in front of them. 


If you see as I mentioned I think you have applied the patch correctly.


I have mentioned the code from patch file do not have access to your code so it may show false reoort also.


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Re: SUPEE-6482 shows unknown

Dear muk_t,


In admin it show version But when i check on this page


It show version is


I try apply version and all it still show unknown.



Re: SUPEE-6482 shows unknown

 Dear muk_t,


How will i do to downgrade to from