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Stripe Payments For Magento 1.1.2

Stripe Payments For Magento 1.1.2

I believe the Stripe Payments for Magento 2 extension (1.1.2) is not compatible with the latest build of Magento 2 Community Edition  (2.3.2). I am trying to install through composer and getting an error about the version not being correct. 

Magento, when will you update the extension? Or how can I inform someone at Magento to correct this? 


Re: Stripe 1.1.2 Payments For Magento 2.3.2

We have Stripe 6.40.0 on a Production Magento 2.3.2 OSE w/ PHP 7.2 on an aMiSTACX G4 with no issues.

Re: Stripe Payments For Magento 1.1.2

Hi @josephwint 


You can simply install the module manually. And it will be working perfect for you. Follow below steps.


1. Download module's zip file from Here

2. Upload it in app/code 

3. Run php bin/magento setup:updrade

4. Run php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

5. Clean magento cache and test module installation.






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Re: Stripe Payments For Magento 1.1.2

The link you gives me takes me straight to the API and release notes section. There's no visible or link anywhere for a ZIP file. If I login and try and download from my magento dashboard, its just a JSON file which won't work either. So I'm a bit perplexed where the ZIP file is you are linking to.